I Saw The Future

I Saw The Future

In 1964, writer and visionary Arthur C. Clarke foretells what the future will be. Facing the camera in close-up, very calmly and simply, he predicts all the great evolutions to come.

Using the latest digital effects “I saw the Future” was created by director and VXP pioneer François Vautier using A.C. Clarke’s face from the original archive and combining it with an infinite expanse, inspired from electrostatic displacement and sound waves. The video archives are used as a trigger, a starting point, re-arranged as a pier with berths and perspectives. Through algorithmic criss-crossing, just like kinetic art, the changes announced by the visionary then suddenly materialize.

Unveiled in 2017 at The Mostra Festival in Venice, I Saw The Future film was selected in over 50 festival throughout the world.

The VR version is available on Arte and Within VR platforms, while The 2D version was broadcasted in 2018 on Arte’s tv channel.

Visa n° 149.164

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